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Epson ELP-DC11 Visualiser
Epson ELP-DC11 Visualiser

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Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser


The Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser means schools don't have to bust their budget to gain from high quality visuals. The ELP-DC11 desktop visualiser has a five megapixel camera and screen refresh rate of 30 frames per second to give smooth, clear live images, bringing lessons to life.

The Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser is easy to use and features a set of intuitive buttons plus a simple to use remote control.

The ELP-DC11 comes equipped with a super powerful 10x zoom, so that 3D objects or books can be shared without crowding, for a more effective and enjoyable learning experience all students can share.

Epson ELP-DC11 with Microscope attachment

With a shooting area of up to A3 paper size the DC11 visualiser is ideal for displaying maps or other large objects and it's one touch auto-focus allows for crisp, sharp images in seconds. The ELP-DC11 also comes with a microscope lens adapter making displaying magnified images simple.

Download the Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser brochure  Download the Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser brochure


Epson ELP-DC11 visualiser specifications
Image Sensor ¼-inch CMOS sensor
Total Pixels 5 megapixels
Output resolution Analog: SXGA / XGA / WXGA
Lens F=2.8
Zoom 10x digital zoom (including 2x no loss zoom), 3x mechanical zoom
Frame rate 30 frames per second (maximum)
Focus Automatic
Shooting area 297 x 420mm (A3 size paper)
Internal memory 1GB
SD card slot SD/SDHC compatibility
Inputs D-sub 15-pin
Built-in MIC
Ouputs D-sub 15-pin
USB type B
Composite video
Security features Kensington lock, security bar, security lock hole
12V DC (AC adaptor 100-240 AC/DC, 50/60 Hz)
Light source 2 x white LED
Softcase not included
Dimension 270 x 326 x 437mm
Net Weight 2.2kg
Power Consumption 14.5W
  See brochure for full specification


Epson ELP-DC11 connections

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