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Furman Elite 16 PF Ei ultra linear power conditioner
Furman Elite 16 PF E1 Ultra Linear Power Conditioner

£1300+vat (£1560 inc vat)

Furman power conditioners
Furman Power Conditioners

Furman Elite 16 PF E1 ultra linear power conditioner


The extreme AC demands encountered in the professional audio / video arena have required technological developments far in excess of typical home theater/audiophile power products.

Today’s power lines are plagued with RF and EMI noise. When connecting sensitive equipment to your home’s power outlet, AC noise couples into your system’s critical components, masking low level signals and crippling performance. This low level content is critical because it relays the crucial harmonics and ambience in audio, as well as the depth and clarity in video.

The Furman Elite-16 PF E i is so substantial in its ability to unmask critical signal content, its performance is surpassed only by the Furman Reference Series.

When employing the Elite-16 PF E i, you will immediately notice far clearer, stunningly focused sound and visual images from your system.

Furman Elite 16 PF E1 ultra linear features:

  • Power Factor Techonlogy provides over 80 Amps peak charge surplus current for power-starved amplifiers.
  • Ultra-Linear Filtering Techonlogy for stunning audio and video clarity.
  • Series Multi-Stage Protection provides virually maintenance-free AC surge suppression.
  • Zero ground contamination circuitry protects critical digital components.
  • Ultrasonic bi-filtering isolates digital and video circuits from analog components.

    Furman Elite 16 PF E1 Specifactions:

    AC Current capacity:
    Input : 16Amps capacity required
    Output : 13-16AMP RMS (maximun, all outlets combined - continuous)

    Linear Noise Attenuation:
    Transverse (Differential) Mode
    >40 dB from 5 kHz. - 100 kHz.
    >80 dB from 100 Khz. – 1GHz.
    (Linear attenuation curve from 0.05 – 100 ohms line impedance)

    Transient Voltage Surge Suppression:
    230VAC Line (Series Multi-Stage Protection, non-sacrificial with zero
    ground contamination, 266V peak clamping @ 6000V 3000A input)
    Telco, Cable / Satellite (Less than .1dB line loss)

    4 (Linearly filtered audio-video outlets)
    4 (Linearly filtered outlets with additional ultrasonic filtering for video
    4 (Power Factor Technology amplifier outlets – 9 amps RMS reserve -
    reactive load - over 80 amps peak charge)

    101.6 mm H x 431.79 mm W x 374.65 mm D (Standard 2 RU height without

    8.16 kg.

    Power Consumption:
    12 Watts for display and control circuits independent of actual load

Download the Furman Elite 16 PF Ei ultra linear power conditioner brochure
Download the Furman Elite 16 PF E1 ultra linear power conditioner brochure

Example of possible AC connections
Furman Elite 16 PF Ei connections

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