Furman Power Conditioners.

Furman Logo The sophisticated nature of today’s electronic circuits’ means AV products are increasing susceptibility to AC line noise and unclean power supplies.

The Furman range of power conditioners, voltage regulators and uninterruptible power supplies help ensure your investments are protected and that the very highest performance that you would expect from your AV equipment can be delivered.

   Furman AC-210E Power Conditioner £250+vat (£300 inc vat)
Furman AC-210E

Ideal for home use with home theatre system and audio eqiupment.
The Furman AC-210E offers two outlets providing Linear Filtering Technology, Series Multi-Stage Protection and Extreme Voltage shutdown.


   Furman Elite 10E1 Linear AC Filtering Power conditioner £840+vat (£1008 inc vat)
Furman Elite 10EI Linear Filtering AV power conditioner

The Furman Elite 10E1 AC Filtering Power conditioner features linear filtering technology for unequaled audio and video clarity.


   Furman Elite 16 PF E1 Ultra Linear Power Conditioner £1300+vat (£1560 inc vat)
Furman Elite 16 PF Ei ultra linear conditioner

The Elite 16 PF E1's Ultra-Linear Filtering reduces noise across an even greater bandwidth than Furman’s Linear Filtering Technology.


   Furman SPR-16E1 Static AC Voltage Regulator £2999+vat (£3598.80 inc vat)
Furman SPR-16ei av voltage regulator

The SPR-16E1 is a solid state multi-tap autoformer that provides AC regulation for a continuous output of 230VAC (+/- .0V typically) with an input voltage range of 213VAC to 245VAC (the SPR-16E i will regulate voltages well beyond 213VAC to 245VAC, but not within 5.0VAC)