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Hitachi projectors
Hitachi projectors

Hitachi Projectors

   Hitachi CP-A222NM projector XGA 2200 lumens £620+vat
Hitachi CP-A222NM projector

The Hitachi CP-A222NM is a short throw projector that offers very high quality images, low cost of ownership and a compact design.


   Hitachi CP-AW2519NM projector WXGA 2500 lumens £880+vat
Hitachi CP-AW2519NM projector

The Hitachi CP-AW2519NM is a fully featured ultra short throw, high brightness projector. Featuring an ultra short throw lens which will project a 80" image at 20" from edge of projector.


   Hitachi CP-AW252NM projector WXGA 2500 lumens £690+vat
Hitachi CP-AW252NM projector

Hitachi's CP-AW252WN ultra short throw LCD projector combines an array of advanced features in a compact, portable design perfectly suited for classrooms of any size.


   Hitachi CP-WX12WN projector WXGA 2600 lumens £375+vat
Hitachi CP-WX12WN projector

Hitachi's compact and light weight CPWX12WN WXGA Portable projector is perfect for the mobile
business professional.


   Hitachi CP-EX250 projector XGA 2700 lumens £319+vat
Hitachi CP-EX250 projector

The Hitachi CPX-250 is a 2700 lumens, XGA resolution projector that features a wide range of both digital and analogue connectivity options.


   Hitachi CP-EX300 projector XGA 3200 lumens £404+vat
Hitachi CP-EX300 projector

The EX300 has 2 different brightness modes, in brightmode it projects at 3200 lumens with an expected lamp life of up to 5000 hours, in normal mode the EX300 projects at a lower 2100 lumens but increases the lamp life to up to 6000 hours.