Secure projector mounts, secure projector enclosures, boxes and cages

   Unicol Guardbox projector mounts
Unicol Guardbox

The Unicol Guardbox is a highly secure projector enclosure made from heavy gauge steel and incorporates many anti-theft features.

£235 ex VAT

   Top Tec Pluto Plate & Pluto SecurPlate projector mount
Pluto Plate & Pluto SecurPlate

The Pluto Plate & SecurPlate are universal projector mounts that are easy to install and are be compatible with 99% of all projector models, the plate can be rotated through 360º and has a max tilt of 35º in all directions.

£78 ex VAT

   Top Tec Pluto Lite projector cage
Top Tec Pluto Lite cage

The Pluto Lite projector cage from Top Tec is a anti-theft, lightweight, projector enclosure thats designed to keep you projector secure whilst being easy to install and at a price point to suit most budgets.

£177 ex VAT

   Top Tec Universal projector cage
Top Tec Projector cage

The Top Tec Universal projector cage is the only projector security device that has been attack tested to Loss Prevention Certification Board's standard LPS1214.

£306 ex VAT

   Top Tec Casio XJ-A security enclosure
Top Tec Casio XJ-A Security enclosure

The Casio XJ-A bespoke security enclosure from Top Tec provides a high security projector cage protecting your Casio XJ-A projector against theft and vandalism.


   Sahara LH or RH Security Box
Sahara LH or RH Security Box-Gr

Sahara's lh or rh security boxes or cage as they are also known are an ideal an excellent choice for any office or classroom, that is serious about the extra security they bring, available in two colours pearl grey or white.

£160 ex VAT

Secure projector enclosures provided protection against theft and vandalism, made from tough lightweight steel this projector cages require that the projector is ceiling or walled mounted. When finding the correct size for your model of projector please allow for enough clearance to ensure proper airflow, please contact if you require any assistance.