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Projector mounts
  Unicol Projector Mounts
  Unicol Gyrolock projector ceiling mount
  Unicol Gyrolock Universal projector mount
  SMS projector ceiling mounts
  SMS Projector Mini X projector mount
  SMS X-CLF projector mount
  SMS CL-V projector mount
  SMS Wl Short Throw V wall mount
  SMS Wl Short Throw V+ wall mount
  SMS Short Throw Mobile Motorised
  SMS Short Throw Wall Motorised
  SMS Short Throw Wall Motorised XL
  SMS Short Throw Wall Manual
  Unicol Ultra Short Throw Projector Mount
  Unicol PSU series projector ceiling mounts
  Unicol Guardbox anti theft projector mount
  Top Tec projectors mounts
  Top Tec SPYDA projector mount
  Top Tec Projector cage
  Top Tec Pluto Lite projector cage
  Top Tec Pluto Plate & Pluto SecurPlate projector mount
  Top Tec Unimount projector mount
  Top Tec Casio XJ-A security enclosure
  Top Tec Epson short throw projector security mounts
  Projector boom mounts
  ABtus projector mounts
  ABtus AV815 projector mount
  ABtus AV817 projector mount
  ABtus AV890-690 projector mount (discontinued)
  Mountech PMV short projector wall mount
  Sahara LH RH security box
  Sahara 1m projector ceiling mount kit
  Sahara Orange security box
  Raw International PM1 projector mount
  Raw International PM2 projector mount
  Raw International PM3 projector wall mount
  Raw International PM4 projector mount
  Celexon Multicel 1200 Economy
  Celexon Multicel 4070 Economy
  Celexon Multicel 63100 Economy
  Celexon Multicel 1500 Expert
  Celexon Multicel 4070 Expert
  Celexon Multicel 60110 Expert
Projector Lifts
  Projecta Pro-Lift projector lift
  Projecta Pro-Lift Pivot projector lift
  SMS Secret Projector Lift
  Audipack projector lifts
  Audipack ML350 projector lifts
  Audipack XL350 projector lifts
  Audipack Pulley lifts
Projector stands and trolleys
  Celexon Projector stands
  Unicol projector stands and trolleys
  Projecta Gigant projector stand
  Projecta Solo 1000 projector stand
  Projecta Solo 8000 & Solo 9000 projector stand
  Projecta Telemaster projector stand
  Sahara M310 projector stand
  Projecta Standmaster projector stand
  Sahara Standmaster projector stand
  SMS projector stand
  Sahara M320 projector stand
Lecterns and Podiums
  Projecta Classic Lectern
  Projecta Meeting Lectern
  Top Tec Messenger Podium
  Top Tec Classic Lectern
  Top Tec Classic Neptune
  Top Tec Warwick Neptune Lectern
  Top Tec Voyager Bravo
  Top Tec Voyager Expert
  Top Tec Voyager Studio
  Top Tec Lectus
Projector screens
  Da-Lite Projection screens
  Projecta Projection screens
  Elite Screens Spectrum - electric projector screen
  Fastfold screens (deluxe) the deluxe portable fastfold projection screen
  Elite Screens Manual Series - manual projector screen
  Portable projector screens
  Projecta Picture King Tripod screen
  Projecta Slimscreen XL
  Projecta Compact Manual screen
  Projecta Hapro Manual screen
  Projecta Proscreen CSR manual screen
  Projecta Cinelpro Electrol electric screen
  Projecta Elpro RF Electrol electric screen with remote control
  Projecta Litescreen Deluxe screen
  Projecta CinemaLite Deluxe screen
  Projecta Homescreen - Fixed projector screen
  Projecta ProScreen - manual projector screen
  Projecta SlimScreen - manual projector screen
  Proejcta Dynamic Projector screen
  Projecta ProCinema manual projector screen (wall/ceiling)
  Projecta Homescreen Deluxe - fixed frame projector screen
  Projecta ProCinema CSR _ manual projector screen with controlled screen return
  Projecta SlimCinema manual wall/ceiling screen
  Projecta FlexScreen - the flexible, tilting wall mounted projector screen
  Projecta Cinema Electrol projector screen
  Projecta Cinema RF Electrol projector screen
  Projecta Elpro Electrol electric projector screen
  ABtus Universal Mototrised Screen Controller
  Projecta Compact Electrol electric projector screen
  Projecta Portalite screen
  Projecta Master Electrol large venue electric screens
  Projecta GiantScreen Electrol large venue electric screens
  Projecta Projection Film (FlexFilm & TwinFilm)
  Projecta Rear Projection screens (Da-Plex) and Rear Projection Module
  Projecta GiantKing RF Electrol large venue electric screens
  Projecta Tablescreen - Table mounted screen
  Projecta Permscreen - fixed frame projector screen
  Celexon Projector Screens
  Celexon Mobile Professional portable screen
  Celexon Mobile Professional Plus portable screen
  Celexon Manual Economy Screen
  Celexon Table Top portable screen
  Celexon Manual Professional Screen
  Celexon Mobile Expert - Folding Frame Screen
  Celexon Home Cinema Fixed Screen
  Celexon Expert XL Large Electric Screen
  Celexon Economy Electric screen
  Celexon Home Cinema Electric Screen
  Projecta Permscreen Deluxe - fixed frame projector screen
  Sahara Movielux Compact - Portable screen
  Sahara Movielux Mobil - Portable screen
  Euroscreen Connect Electric - electric projector screen
  Elite Screens Spectrum - electric projector screen
  Fastfold screens (truss) the Ultra portable projector screen - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  Fastfold screens (Standard) portable projector screens - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
  Manual wall or ceiling mounted projector screen
  Electric projector screens (wall and ceiling mounted)
  Fastfold projector screens
  Fastfold replacement surfaces
  Fastfold Drapery Kits
  Fastfold screens Heavy-duty
  Da-lite Floor Model C portable projector screen
  Projecta Ascender Electrol - rising electric screen
  Projecta Descender Electrol
  Projecta Descender RF Electrol
  Projecta Advantage Deluxe Electrol
  Da-Lite Professional Electrol
  Da-lite Senior Electrol
  Da-Lite Advantage Electrol
  Da-lite Designer Contour manual screen with Controlled Screen Return
  Da-Lite Model B Deluxe manual projector screen
  Da-Lite Deluxe insta theatre portable projector screen
  Da-Lite Picture King tripod screen
  Da-lite Model B projector screen
  Da-Lite Model C projector screen
  Da-Lite Model C with CSR manual projector screen
  Da-Lite Model B with CSR manual screen
  Da-Lite Scenic Roller large format manual screen
  Da-Lite Model C Floating brackets
  Da-Lite Theatre Lite portable home cinema screen
  Da-Lite Projection screen material
  Da-Lite Versatol tripod screen
  Da-Lite Cinema Contour Fixed frame screen
  Da-Lite UTB Contour - Thin Bezel Fixed frame screen
  Da-Lite Tensioned Large Cosmopolitan Electrol electric projector screen
  Da-Lite Tensioned Cosmopolitan Electrol electric projector screen
  Da-Lite Tensioned Professional Electrol
  Da-Lite Cosmopolitan Electrol electric projector screen
  Da-Lite Large Cosmopolitan Electrol electric projection screen
  Da-Lite Designer Contour electric screen
  Da-Lite Easy Install manual screen
  Da-Lite Da-Snap fixed frame screen
  Fixed frame (tensioned) projector screens
  Euroscreen Connect - manual projector screen
TV stands and video trolleys
  Sahara M330 TV trolley
  Sahara E4000 TV trolley
  Sahara E5000 TV trolley
  Sahara TV trolley
  Unicol TV trolleys
  Sahara E8000 TV trolley
ICT Security products
  Multimedia AV cabinets
  Vega AV955/AV956 AV cabinets
  Vega AV955S AV cabinet
  Saturn Trak-Tec Multimedia cabinet
AV accessories
  Sahara Flipcharts
  Moby Go AV cabinets
Visualisers and document cameras
  AverVision CP135 Visualiser
  AverVision CP155 Visualiser
  AverVision CP355 Visualiser
  AverVision 355AF Visualiser
  AverVision SPB350+ Visualiser
  Epson ELP-DC06
  Epson ELP-DC11
  Discontinued Visualisers
  Lumens DC155 visualiser document camera
  Lumens DC162 visualiser document camera
  Lumens DC260 visualiser document camera
  Lumens PS400 visualiser document camera
  Lumens PS660 visualiser document camera
  AVerMedia AVervision CP130 visualiser / document camera
  AVerMedia AVervision SPB350 visualiser / document camera
  AVerMedia AVervision SPC350 visualiser / document camera
Projector lamps - lamps from all the major projector manufacturers
  Acer projector lamps
  Ask projector lamps
  Benq projector lamps
  Canon projector lamps
  Dell projector lamps
  Eiki projector lamps
  Epson projector lamps
  Hewlett Packard projector lamps
  Hitachi projector lamps
  infocus projector lamps
  JVC projector lamps
  LG projector lamps
  Mitsubishi projector lamps
  NEC projector lamps
  Optoma projector lamps
  Panasonic projector lamps
  Philips projector lamps
  Plus projector lamps
  Proxima projector lamps
  Sagem projector lamps
  Sahara projector lamps
  Samsung projector lamps
  Sanyo projector lamps
  Sharp projector lamps
  Sim2 projector lamps
  Sony projector lamps
  Toshiba projector lamps
  Vidikron projector lamps
  Viewsonic projector lamps
  Yamaha projector lamps
AV cables, wall plates and accessories
  ABtus AVA GA12 1>2 VGA Splitter
  ABtus AVA GA14 1>4 VGA Splitter
  ABtus AVA GA18 1>8 VGA Splitter
  ABtus AVA DV12 1>2 DVI Splitter
  ABtus GA11R/A VGA to CAT5 receiver
  ABtus GA11T/A VGA to CAT5 transmitter
  VGA to CAT5 Extenders
  CAT-RGB212TA RGB over CAT5 2:1x12 transmitter
  Abtus AVA HDMI12 HDMI splitter distribution amplifier
  ABtus AVA HDMI14 1>4

Lindy AV cable box


HDMI Extenders, CAT5/CAT6 and fibre optic up to 300m


HDMI splitters, 2 port, 4 port, 8 port and matrix switches


HDMI wall plates, HDMI cables, HDMI + DVI wall plates


ConX-easy wall mountable cable box


Cable wall boxes (mountable) and cable looms


VGA splitters, 2 port, 4 port and 8 port VGA splitters, plus matrix splitter switchers


DVI cables, DVI-D single link, DVI-D dual link


VGA cables, Premium and Gold plated VGA cables up to 30m, CAT5 VGA extension kits

  SCART to HDMI & component Convertors and Slacers

Duplex Fibre optic cable

Interactive products
  Hitachi FX-Trio 63" interactive whiteboard
  Hitachi FX-Trio 77" interactive whiteboard
  Hitachi FX-Trio 88" interactive whiteboard
  Hitachi Starboard T17SXLG interactive panel
  Hitachi Starboard T19WX interactive panel
  Hitachi WT-1 interactive tablet
  Cleverpad 3 interactive tablet
  Mimiopad interactive tablet
  CleverTab 19" Monitor
  Qwizdom Q2 voting systems
  Qwizdom Q4 voting system
  Qwizdom Q5 voting system
Furman Power Conditioners
  Furman AC-230E Ultra Linear Power Conditioner
  Furman Elite 10Ei Linear AC Filtering Power conditioner
  Furman Elite 16 PF Ei Ultra Linear Power Conditioner
  Furman SPR-16Ei Static AC Voltage Regulator
  Epson EB-X6 projector
  Epson EB-S6 projector
  Epson EB-S62 projector
  Epson EB-X62 projector
  Epson EB-X92 projector
  Epson EB-X9 projector
  Epson Eb-X10 projector
  Epson EMP-W5D projector
  Epson EH-TW420 projector
  Epson EB-W6 projector
  Epson EB1720 projector
  Epson EB1725 projector (Wireless LAN enabled)
  Epson EB-1730W projector
  Epson EB-1735W projector
  Hitachi EDX24 projector
  Hitachi CP-RX78 projector
  Hitachi CP-X1 projector
  Hitachi CP-X5 projector
  Hitachi EDA100 projector
  Hitachi CP-X401 projector
  Hitachi ED-X12 projector
  Hitachi CPX2510E projector
  Hitachi CP-X306 projector
  Hitachi CP-X308 projector
  Hitachi CP-X605 projector
  Hitachi ED-X10 educational projector
  Mitsubishi XD250U-ST projector
  Canon XEED WX450ST projector
  Canon XEED WUX4000 projector
  Canon XEED WUX450 projector
  Canon XEED XW520 projector
  Canon XEED WX6000 projector
  Sony VPL-EX7 projector
  Christie LW401 projector
  Christie LWU421 projector
  Christie LX501 projector
  Christie LWU501i projector
  Christie LW551i projector
  Christie LX601i projector
Flatscreen stands and trolleys
  Unicol VS1000 plasma/LCD stand
  Unicol Parabella plasma screen stand
  Unicol PowaLift
  Unicol Axia plasma/LCD screen stands and trolleys
  Unicol Rhobus Premium flat screen stands and trolleys
  Unicol Axia Titan
  Unicol Axia Twin Screen Display stands and trolleys
  Unicol Axia Titan PowaLift
  Unicol Avecta flat screen stand
  Unicol Azana flat screen stand
  Unicol Parabella flat screen stand
  Unicol Tevella LCD stand
  ABtus AV382 Universal Flatscreen Display Stand
  ABtus AV383U Universal Flatscreen Display Stand
  Colebrook bosson saunders V Call video conferencing trolley - single version
  Colebrook bosson saunders V Call video conferencing trolley - double version
  Vega ST25-2 Display Trolley
  Raw International TRS1 flatscreen trolley
  Raw International TRS2 flatscreen trolley
  Raw International FS1 flatscreen trolley
  SMS Flatscreen X FH Flatscreen stand
  SMS Flatscreen X FH M Flatscreen trolley
  SMS FH T Flatscreen stand
  SMS FH TM Flatscreen trolley
  Loxit Hi-Lo Duo 680 Mobile display lift
  Loxit Mobile display lift
  Loxit Flatscreen flatscreen trolley
  Vogels Plasmaboy flatscreen trolley
  Top Tec Levitator height adjustable flat screen trolley
  Top Tec Levitator Interactive - height adjustable interactiver screen trolley
  Top Tec Voyager Media Mast Trolley
  Top Tec DST Fixed Height Trolley
  Chief MFCUB flat screen display trolley
  Chief PFCUB flat screen display trolley
  Chief MF1UB flat screen telescopic display stand
Flatscreen wall and ceiling mounts
  ABtus AV483 flatscreen wall mount
  ABtus Universal Flat screen ceiling mount
  ABtus Double Flat Screen Ceiling mount

Vogels Professional PFW5310 plasma/LCD wall mount

  SMS Flatscreen WH T flatscreen mount
  Unicol Pozimount plasma/LCD wall mount
  Unicol Rota-Mount
  Unicol Excalibur LED wall mount
  Unicol Xactmatch plasma/LCD wall mount
  Unicol Small Screen Mounts
  Unicol Installation Accessories
  Unicol Swing arm plasma/lcd mount
  Unicol Flatscreen mounts
  Peerless ST630P universal mount with tilt

Peerless ST632P universal mount with tilt

  Peerless ST640P universal mount with tilt
  Peerless ST650P universal mount with tilt
  Peerless ST660P universal mount with tilt
  Peerless SA730P Articulating arm for 10" ~ 24" screens
  Plasma and LCD screen ceiling mounts
  FUNC Flatscreen WM ST
  SMS X WH1105 twin screen video conferencing wall mount
  SMS X WH1455 twin screen video conferencing wall mount
  SMS X WFH1955 twin screen video conferencing wall mount
  SMS Flatscreen WL 3D
  SMS Flatscreen WM 3D
  Top Tec Jupiter Lite flatscreen mount
  Top Tec Universal flatscreen mount
  Top Tec Flatscreen ceiling mount
  Raw International OBT1 titling wall mount
  Raw International OPB1 flat wall mount
  Raw International PT1 heavy duty tilting wall mount
  Raw International PF1 heavy duty flat wall mount
  Raw International PSA1 Swing arm adapter
  Raw International VPT1 heavy duty portrait tilting wall mount
  Raw International FT1 23"-30" flatscreen mount
Discontinued Products