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Top Tec Classic Neptune Lectern


The Classic Lectern with Neptune Rack Unit combines traditional-styling with modern technology, integrating our patented media rack system within a smart wooden lectern.

Drill-resistant locks keep equipment safe, while optional branding enables your organisations logo to stand out from the framework.


  • Incorporates our patented 19" rack system
  • Secures all media equipment both rack and non-rack mounted
  • Protects equipment with drill resistant locking
  • Half the U's open to access as standard
  • Provides excellent cable management
  • Robust and well-engineered functional design
  • Lockable panel enables easy equipment access
  • Available in a range of top finishes (contact for details)
Optional Extras:
  • Secure control panel or visualiser housings
  • Optional branding using adhesive vinyl transfer
  • Heavy-duty castors for easy mobility
  • Sliding wooden equipment shelf (not available with the Deluxe model)
  • Folding side shelf
  • Versatile Endo82 monitor arm (£159+vat)
  • Available with suited or non-suited keys

PLEASE NOTE: Addition of a Sliding Wooden Keyboard Shelf limits the maximum size of the Neptune Rack Cabinet to an 8U for the Classic Lectern Standard and 12U for the Classic Lectern Plus.

The Classic Lectern with Rack Unit is available in three models:
Classic Lectern Standard: a smaller unit with a 8U or 12U Neptune
Classic Lectern Plus: a larger unit with a 8U, 12U or 14U Neptune 
Classic Lectern Deluxe: a larger unit with doors and a 8U, 12U or 14U Neptune

Top Tec Classic Neptune Lectern codes and prices
Rack units Width
Exc vat
LEC-CLA01-STD-NEP8 Classic Lectern Standard with 8U Rack Unit - without doors 8U 650mm 885mm  
LEC-CLA01-STD-NEP12 Classic Lectern Standard with 12U Rack Unit - without doors 12U 650mm 885mm  
LEC-CLA01-PLS-NEP8 Classic Lectern Plus with 8U Rack Unit - without doors 8U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-PLS-NEP12 Classic Lectern Plus with 12U Rack Unit - without doors 12U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-PLS-NEP14 Classic Lectern Plus with 14U Rack Unit - without doors 14U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-DLX-NEP8 Classic Lectern Deluxe with 8U Rack Unit - with doors  8U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-DLX-NEP12 Classic Lectern Deluxe with 12U Rack Unit - with doors 12U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-DLX-NEP14 Classic Lectern Deluxe with 14U Rack Unit - with doors 14U 700mm 945mm  
LEC-CLA01-CAST Castors: Set of 4 (2 braked) - add 100mm to total height - - -  
LEC-CLA01-KBSF Metal Keyboard Shelf - - -  
LEC-CLA01-WKBSF Wooden Keyboard Shelf (not available with Classic Lectern Deluxe) Reduces maximum size of Standard to 8U and Plus to 12U   - -  
LEC-CLA01-SDSF Side Drop-Shelf 
Folding shelf fitted either on the left or right hand side of the lectern
- - -  

Top Tec Classic Neptune Lectern - front view
Top Tec Classic Neptune Lectern - front view

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