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Unicol Pozimount plasma screen mount
Unicol Pozimount Mount
Tilt Version (PZW) £135+vat (£162.00 inc vat)
Non tilt version (PZX) £95+vat (£114.00 inc vat)

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Unicol Pozimount Mount


The Unicol Pozimount is a top of the range universal large screen wall mount with fingertip tilt control you can adapt the pozimount to fit screens up to 50 inches.
The ingenious Pozimount mounts can be used in a large range of applications from ceiling mount kits, swing arm wall units or one of Unicol’s stands or trolleys also floor to ceiling column units they are very adaptable the real clever and ingenious part is in the tilt control counterbalance mechanism just a fingertip away.

The Pozimount can also be set at it’s angle of choice or changed back whenever necessary with ease, the variable tilt on a standard Pozimount model is 0-11 degrees adjustment, height adjustment is 20-51cm.

Also a non-tilt version is available.

Always state the model of plasma/LCD for us to include any correct fixing kits some screens may need
special arms or backplate these will be automatically included to fit the plasma/LCD models unless otherwise stated or requested.

Delivery £10+vat usually within 2-3 working days.

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