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Unicol Xactmatch mount
Unicol Xactmatch mount
up to 50" screens (PLW) £125+vat (£150.00 inc vat)
51" to 65" screens (PLWL) £156+vat (£187.20 inc vat)
up to 50" screens non-tilting (PLX) £120+vat (£144.00 inc vat)
51" to 65" screen non-tilting (PLXL) £147+vat (£176.40 inc vat)

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Unicol Xactmatch mount


If you want an exact fit wall mount for your plasma /LCD TV then look no further than the strong yet versatile Unicol Xactmatch.

The Xactmatch mount this is the answer to any screen mounting dilemma just as their name suggests the mounts are designed to match the size of your TV covering a vast range of most popular makes of plasma and large LCD TVs with their excellent ability and design to allow air to cool down through well-designed vents in the back of the mounts and any cable installations are made simple

High in quality Unicol Xactmatch mounts are available in two versions, the first is a tilting mount with variable tilt from 0-11 degree, this in turn gives you a much wider viewing range. The mounts can be placed directly onto the wall placed on a ceiling or put on a trolley mount
The second mount version is an ultra slim line model with its sleek and neat appearance only 2.5cms in width for that more close to the wall feel this slim line version is for those who do not require any tilt action for their TV screen.

All Xactmatch mounts can be used with any of unicol’s ceiling kits.
A swing arm wall unit is also available finally these mounts can be used with any of our trolley /stand range.

Delivery £10+vat usually within 2-3 working days.


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