Unicol Display stands and trolleys

Unicol have been manufacturing audio visual accessories for over 30 years and have a product range to suit almost any need, they also have an excellent design department that are able to customise any of their products to suit your exacting requirements. Manufactured in Oxford, Unicol equipment can usually be dispatched within 1 to 2 working days.

   Unicol VS1000 screen stands & trolleys
Unicol VS1000 plasma / LCD stands and trolleys

The VS1000 features a twin column cantilever design and is chosen by commercial video users everywhere. Wide selection of component parts enables stands & trolleys of varying types to be easily assembled.

£220 ex VAT

   Unicol Parabella screen stand
Unicol Parabella plasma screen stand

Unicol's Parabella stand is the ideal solution for any plasma or large LCD display. Sopiscation and elegance, the Unicol Parabella plasma screens acheives both of these quality with ease.

£445 ex VAT

   Unicol Avecta screen stands and trolleys
Unicol Avecta plasma screen stand

The Unicol Avecta range of trolleys and stands will harmonise and blend in to any home or office environment with many advanced features.

£421 ex VAT

   Unicol Axia screen stands and trolleys
Unicol Axia plasma screen stand

Sophistication and elegance, the Unicol Avecta plasma screens achieves both of these quality with ease.

£385 ex VAT

   Unicol Axia Titan large screen stands and trolleys
Unicol Axia Titan large screen stands and trolleys

The Unicol Axia Titan is a heavy duty version of the Unicol Axia which makes it suitable for screen sizes 51" to 108", height to centre of screen 150cm or 200cm, shelf not included.
£1079 ex VAT

   Unicol Azana screen stand
Unicol Azana plasma screen stand

Introducing the Unicol Azana swivel stand, far superior compared to ordinary fixed stands due to it’s easy flow action.

£295 ex VAT

   Unicol Tevella
Unicol Tevella single column flat screen stand

Unicol's Tevella is a single column LCD stand suitable for use with up to 30" VESA compatiable screens.The height to centre of screen is 100cm, the Tevella is designed so that the cables can be concealed within the column.

£135 ex VAT